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EverWeb 3.4 and EverWebGarden Widgets Compatibility

Thursday, October 29, 2020 5:21 PM

EverWeb 3.4 was just released with some very exciting new features! The good news is we’ve tested our widgets with EverWeb 3.4 and everything is working great.

If you experience issues with our widgets, please let us know.

What’s new in EverWeb 3.4?

The two biggest features in our opinion are the all new SEO PowerUp Add-on and the Parallax scrolling with color overlays.

The reason we like these features is because having them built into EverWeb makes it much easier than relying on Widgets.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Your website needs to be found by your customers and the best way is through search engines.

With EverWeb 3.4 and the new SEO PowerUp Add-on you can now automatically optimize your EverWeb website for search engines. One click creates an XML Sitemap file, robots.txt file, adds important tags to your website and submits it to all major search engines.

It is by far the easiest way to get your website noticed and ranking in Google, Bing, Yahoo and Alexa.

Parallax Scrolling & Image Color Overlays

One way to get your website looking nice and modern is with Parallax scrolling. Parallax scrolling gives the effect that some elements scroll faster or slower than other elements on your site.

Now with EverWeb 3.4 you can mark full width images as parallax so you get an awesome effect when your visitors scroll your site.

The ability to overlay images with colors can also adds a nice dimming effect to your images. Especially useful when you are using images as the background to text and need to have the text stand out more.

Recap of EverWeb 3.4

The contact form enhancements with calendar and time selection controls and the new Open Recents menu are both welcomed features.

We’re excited for this new version and hope you are too! 

You can download EverWeb 3.4 from the EverWeb website.

We are also excited to launch new widgets which will be coming out very soon!