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Modern Navigation Bars for Your EverWeb Website

Friday, August 14, 2020 12:50 PM

As you browse the web you will find countless different styles of navigation bars. From simple bars with a few links to extravagant drop down menus, mobile optimized hamburger menus, and fading bars.

At EverWeb Garden we have created a number of enhanced navigation bars that will look great on your EverWeb website. They are optimized for mobile devices and make it extremely easy to add a modern touch to your website.

Currently we have 6 navigation bars that you can choose from. 

EverWebGarden Navigation Widgets

Fading Navigation Bar

A basic version of our mobile optimized navigation bar that changes colors and appearance as you scroll your website. You can include your logo and an optional styled button. Plus this navigation bar will turn into a mobile hamburger menu when visiting your website on a mobile device.

Fading Navigation Bar Pro

This navigation bar includes everything found in the Fading Navigation Bar above with the additional options to include drop down menus and a mobile optimized logo. Ever color and font style is customizable to match your website.

Hidden Navigation Bar

Like the fading navigation bar, the Hidden Navigation bar is a mobile optimized nav bar that hides itself as you scroll your website. You can include a logo and a styled button as well. All colors and fonts are fully customizable to match your website design.

Mobile Menu

This widget is a little different than the rest of the widgets mentioned here as it can be used as both a navigation bar or a regular menu. It takes on the hamburger appearance in all cases and lets you add unlimited submenus. It also includes a filter search field which makes it a great option if you want to offer your visitors a list of pages that they can easily search.

Nav Bar With Icons

This navigation bar is different from the rest as it provides a custom styled nav bar with icons and mouse over effects. It’s unique in its style and works with FontAwesome to easily provide access to thousands of icons depending on your needs. 

Slide Out Navigation

The slide out navigation widgets is what we are currently using on this site and provides a way for your navigation bar to slide out from the left hand side of your website. You can specify a logo and a styled button as well if you like. 

With all these options you have alot of flexibility in what you can offer your web site visitors. All navigation bar styles and fonts are completely customizable to match your website design and offer a unique, mobile friendly navigation option.

Visit our searchable widgets page to find the Widget that is right for you, or sign up to get access to all of our widgets!

Look for Something More?

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