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Visitor Offers with Popup & Slide Out Dialogs

Sunday, September 27, 2020 1:49 PM

When someone visits your website, you have only a few moments to attract their attention to your products, services or offerings.

But what if you could speak to them directly? What if you had a way to get their contact information and follow up with them in the future.

This post will teach you how you can use EverWebGarden’s new widgets to stay in touch with your website visitors and make sure they come back and buy your products or services.

An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Whenever someone visits your website your goal is either to lead them to your offer, or collect their information so you can follow up with them later.

But how exactly do you get a random visitor’s contact details?

It’s easy to turn a visitor into a customer, give them something for free and make sure they know about!Popup window offer website

The most trusted and effective way to do this is by offering a small, free gift to visitors who sign up to your mailing list, or fill out an online form or survey.

For example, some free benefits you can offer your visitors include;

  1. A free chapter of a book you’re selling
  2. A top 10 list or how to in your industry
  3. A coupon for your services 
  4. A free week or month of services

Anything related to your services that would be valuable to your visitors as a gesture to sign up to your mailing list will help increase your leads and sales.

How to Collect Emails & Contact Details

There are a few ways to collect emails and/or contact information on your website.

The first is the free Contact Forms Advanced widget in EverWeb that users can fill out and send the details directly to you. You can even forward your visitors to a new page with your offer after they fill out your contact form, or send them a link to the free gift in the contact form confirmation email that gets sent to them.

Combined with the Contact Forms Enhanced add-on, you can easily search, organize and export form submissions from your client area.Contact Forms Enhanced Backend EverWeb

Secondly, you can set up an Email Newsletter and easily embed them on your website. Every mailing list company offers easy integration for your website. For EverWeb, there are even walk through video tutorials for MailChimp and Direct Mail. Two great options to manage newsletter subscriptions.

Present Your Offer With EverWeb Garden Widgets

So now the question is, how do you present your offer to your visitors so they don’t miss it. You want to put that offer directly in their face so they see it clearly and can take the next step to send you their contact details.

At EverWebGarden, we have a number of Popup and Slide out dialogs that let you present offers and collect customer details.

Custom Modal Window

The custom Modal window lets you place a button on your website that opens a popup dialog with custom text and links. With this widget you can present an offer to your visitors and when clicked, the offer details and a sign up link can be presented to your visitors;


Popup On Scroll

With this widget you can show a popup dialog in the center of the browser window after your visitor scrolls your page down to a specified point. Once they have scrolled, a customized message or offer can be presented to your visitor;


Popup On Scroll HTML 

Like the above widget, this widget will popup any HTML code you want to enter when your visitor scrolls your page. This works great to embed custom sign up forms or newsletter services such as MailChimp;


Flyout On Scroll

Just like the popup on scroll widget above, this widget can fly out from the left or right side of the browser window at a specified scroll point and present an offer and sign up form to your visitors;


Flyout On Scroll HTML

Just like the flyout on scroll widget and the popup on scroll HTML widget, this is a more customizable fly out widget that lets you enter any kind of HTML in the flyout dialog;