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E-Commerce Options for EverWeb Websites

Friday, January 15, 2021 6:27 PM

In today’s world, selling online is becoming the norm. Your customers require that your products and services are available to buy easily and securely. 

However, sometimes creating an online store can be an expensive or difficult task.

With EverWeb, you have many options to start selling in just minutes. Each option ranges from extremely easy and free, to a little more technical and higher fees.

Fortunately, we have taken all the hard parts out of each option for you. So if you want something as simple as a Buy Now button for a single product, all the way up to a robust shopping cart, you can easily utilize any of these strategies and with very little technical set up.

A Simple Buy Now Button

EverWeb provides a built in PayPal widget that lets you sell products in multiple currencies, various quantites, adjustable characteristics such as size or color and more.

You can even adjust shipping and tax settings easily, all from within EverWeb’s inspector.

This method of selling is easy. You just need your own PayPal account and you are ready to get started. Your customers don’t even need their own PayPal account to pay, they can pay with credit card as well.

PayPal’s built in shopping cart is all set up for you automatically and there is no technical configurations on your part to get everything working.

But what if you want something a little more advanced for multiple products?

E-Commerce Stores with EverWeb

With EverWebGarden you can create a multi-product store easily with our e-Store and e-Store Advanced Widgets.

These widgets allow you to create a fully customizable store with multiple products. Each product can have their own description, multiple sample images, customizable prices, tax settings and more.

The benefit of these widgets, apart from the above customization, is that they provide a beautiful and streamlined interface for a modern web store with no technical configurations.

The e-Store Advanced Widget goes further with additional customization options for your store appearance.

These widgets are great for selling multiple digital or physical products.

e-Store Widget for EverWeb

e-Store Advanced Widget for EverWeb

What about a searchable product catalogue? That’s easy too with our Searchable Product Grid Widget for EverWeb.

Pricing Grid Widgets

Have you ever wanted to sell a subscription service or outline prices for various products at once? Our pricing grid widgets are perfect for that!

You can display a fully customized table outlining the benefits of each of your product offerings. In fact, we use these exact widgets on our own pricing page.

Our Pricing Table and Responsive Pricing Grid widgets for EverWeb provide the functionality you need to create a beautiful grid on your EverWeb websites for displaying your products or services.

Advanced E-commerce Stores with EverWeb

If you truly want a fully functional web store with more complex options such as unlimited products, complex tax rules, advanced shipping and more, EverWeb easily integrates with third party stores like Shopify, Etsy, E-Junkie and more.

These options may require more technical setup and extra fees, but they do offer a lot of robust configuration options.

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