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EverWebGarden Launches with All New Widgets & Updates

Saturday, November 5, 2022 4:18 PM

We are so excited to announce the offical release of our subscription service with all new widgets and exciting updates to our existing library of Widgets. With over 60 premium EverWeb widgets (and lots more on the way), EverWeb Garden helps you take your EverWeb website to the next level.

Our latest updates are listed below with a summary of the work we have been doing.

What's New At EverWebGarden?

We've been updating our widgets over the last few months and have a number of new widgets as well.

To get full access to our widgets, you can sign up to our new Widget Subsription Service which gives you full access to our library of widgets, customer support and more.

EWG UI Image Split Widget

An all new widget to show an image with text to the right or left. Works great on responsive websites and provides a really nice way to dispay information to your visitors. When viewed on a smaller, mobile screen the content will adjust vertically.

EverWeb Garden UI Split Widget

This widget has to be tried to fully understand the functionality and how great it can look on your EverWeb website on both desktop and mobile websites. Check out the UI Image Split widget in action.

EWG Flippable Gallery Widget

A beautiful new Image gallery that will produce a flip animation as you mouse over each image to show a description of it. You can also include a clickable button and link it to anywhere on your website. For example, you can link a purchase page to download your art, or link to a download link to download a full size image.

In addition, you can add overlay text to the front of the image as well.

This widget can be used as a beautiful enhancement to your art, services, or products you are selling.

Read more about the all new Flippable Image Gallery widget.

EWG Google Calendar Widget

An all new widget that lets you embed a Google Calendar on your EverWeb website. You can customize the view to show monthly, weekly or daily events. 

Update once from your Google account and your calendar is updated automatically on your website. There is no need to re-upload your EverWeb website.

Google Calender EverWeb Widget

EWG Scroll To Top

A beautiful new widget that places a button in the bottom right corner of your website to easily scroll to the top of the page. It provides a smooth scrolling technic used by modern websites. You can also add some animations so your visitors know it is there.

EWG Infinity Buttons

A new widget to add an infinite number of buttons that can link to any page on your site, external pages, PDF files and more. It works great in responsive rows or anywhere on your website.

New Features To Existing Widgets

The following existing widgets have been updated.

EWG Icon Button Widget

- You can now link your button to any page on your website or any external link, PDF file or image

EWG PDF Viewer

- A new maximum width and additional Styles for a better look on Responsive websites

EWG Sound Cloud Widget

- Improvements to the look of the widget on your website

EWG Video Gallery Widget

- Fixed some design issues with the widget

EWG Scrollable List

- Fixed a bug when adding a new item to the list

EWG Mobile List

- Fixed an error that broke the widget

EWG Fading Navigation Widgets

- Fixed Widget height issue

- Fixed drop down menus

- Added custom mobile logo option

- Logo will resize as the screen size is changed

- Fixed the mouse over text color when scrolled for drop down menus

- Submenus won't wrap anymore to the next line

- Fixed adding a page to the drop down menu when no page is selected

EWG Card Slider

- Fixed the styled text editor height

EWG Image Gallery With Captions

- Fixed background opacity so it doesn’t make the text transparent and only affects the background color transparency

EWG Advanced Slider

- Fixed the height of the assets list

EWG Advanced Slider

- Fixed the height of the assets list

EWG Image With Points

- Added options to show or hide the images

- Added option to show the description on mobile devices

- Added Max width for icons

EWG eStore Advanced

- GBP pricing now shows the £ before the price

EWG 360 Image Viewer

- New widget for 360 images and videos

EWG Advanced List

- Text color can not be applied to list items from font window

EWG Coverflow Slider

- You can now adjust image scale (contain, scale, cover etc..)

- The color of arrows can now be changed

EWG Full Calendar

- Can now specify the day for the start of the week

EWG Data Table

- Can now import larger CSV files

- Can now adjust the color of the text within the rows from the Font Panel