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Responsive Vertical Navigation Menu for EverWeb

Monday, November 14, 2022 8:09 AM

We've just released on of our best, and most requested EverWeb Widgets! 

A fully responsive, vertical navigation bar with up to 3 levels of navigation menus.

This widget was extremely difficult to create, but so easy for you to use!

The navigation menu can be completely customized to the styling and look of your website. You can customze all the colors, fonts and sizes including the default colors and the mouse hover colors.

The vertical navigation menu can be set to always show on larger screens such as desktop and tablet devices while automatically hiding on smaller mobile screens. This provides a great user experience for all your website visitors who visit to your website on any device.

Works Great On Responsive Websites

The responsive, vertical navigation bar can be used on any type of EverWeb website whether it is fixed width or a responsive design. Simply drop the widget on your EverWeb page, add your menu items and the widget takes care of the rest.

You can add up to 2 additional levels of sub menus, which means up to 3 levels of menus in total. 

The navigation bar will always be vertically aligned to the left side of your page and take up the entire height of your page. If your menu has lots of items in it, the entire menu will scroll on its own, providing a beautiful, professional experience for your visitors.

Completely Customized to Your Website Design

You can completely customize the widget to your website design and match your styling and colors. The fonts can be changed from the regular 'Fonts' window while all other colors can be customized from the Widget Settings in the Inspector. Google Fonts are also automatically supported with no additional configurations.

See The Navigation Menu in Action!

Check out the vertical navigation menu on our website. Click the menu icon in the top left hand corner of the page to see it.

The responsive, vertical navigation menu is a premium widget and can be downloaded by signing up to the Pro Membership Account. In addition to this widget you get access to over 70 EverWeb Widgets to enhance your website.