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Music Player Samples for EverWeb Lets Your Visitors Preview Your Songs

Tuesday, May 2, 2023 3:15 PM

Do you have music you'd like to sell online? Now with our all new Music Player Sampler for EverWeb Widget your visitors can preview your songs in a completely customizable music player. You can add an unlimited number of songs to any player and an unlimited number of players to your EverWeb site.Music Player Sampler for EverWeb Widget

The Music Player Sampler Widget lets you add a song playlist with a customizable preview time so your visitors can have a quick listen to your songs. After your visitors have previewed your song you can show a customizable message dialog.Music Player Sampler Preview Message

The widget is completely customizable to match the colors and design of your existing website. All colors, fonts and designs can be changed from the Inspector.

When you combine the Music Player Sampler with our Product Commerce widget you can easily sell your songs online with almost no set up at all. Use PayPal, Credit Card, Apple Pay and more to sell digital or physical versions of your music.

The Music Player Sampler Widget for EverWeb and the Product Commerce Widget are both part of our Premium Widget Package that you can subscribe to and get access to over 70 powerful EverWeb widgets.