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New Widgets Available: Attention Bar, Show More Lists and Categories Table

Monday, September 25, 2023 2:37 PM

We're super excited to introduce our latest widgets for EverWeb 4.0. If you love easy-peasy website customization, you're in for a treat! Our new widgets are all geared up to play nice with EverWeb 4.0's new Global Font Styles feature, making it a breeze to have a snazzy and consistent look across your site. Whether you're looking to shout out your latest offers, organize your images in a searchable table, or share a long list without overwhelming your visitors, we've got something cool for you.

Attention Bar Widget for EverWeb

Promoting a new product or an important update is a breeze with our new Attention Bar Widget. This widget displays a message at the top of your web browser, pushing your website content down to make room for the announcement. With its animation and color-changing features, grabbing your visitors' attention is guaranteed. Moreover, the widget remembers your visitors' preferences, whether they choose to close the message or keep it open.

Attention bar Widget for EverWeb

Categories Table Widget for EverWeb  (Premium Widget) 

Organizing your content is the key to a user-friendly website. Our all new Categories Table Widget allows you to create a grid that can be filtered by two levels of categories along with a search field. It's perfect for displaying images, products, or any content you wish to showcase. The widget also includes a pop-up window feature for more information or direct links to other pages on your website or external sites. Importing your product information via a CSV file is also supported, making it a versatile tool for your website.

Categories Table widget for EverWeb

Show More List Widget for EverWeb

Listing items on your website is now more interactive with our Show More List Widget. You can create a list of items with a "show more" link to display an unlimited number of additional list items. Adding optional labels next to each list item and linking to any page on your site or external links is also possible. The new Import feature allows you to easily import a CSV file with list items, making it a powerful tool for organizing and displaying content on your website.

Our widgets are designed to provide a seamless and enhanced user experience, making your website not only visually appealing but also functional and easy to navigate. With EverWeb 4.0's new Global Font Styles feature, customizing these widgets to match your website's look & feel is straightforward. 

Would you like to explore more about these widgets? Visit the EverWeb Widgets page to learn more and find the perfect widget for your EverWeb website.