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New Widgets from EverWeb Garden Include Tab Panels & Navigation Bars

Thursday, April 4, 2024 3:43 PM

We are excited to present two new additions to our huge library of EverWeb Widgets. These widgets, the Tab Content Widget and the CSS Dropdown Menu Widget, are tailored to seamlessly integrate with EverWeb, providing enhanced features with additional functionality and design options. Created to assist our users in designing more engaging and navigable websites, these new widgets are a great way to enhance your EverWeb website.

Discover the Tab Content Widget

In the digital landscape, presenting information in a clear and accessible manner is crucial. The Tab Content Widget by EverWeb Garden addresses this need by enabling the easy addition of tab panels to your website. This widget is perfect for website owners looking to organize content without overwhelming their visitors with excessive scrolling.

Features of the Tab Content Widget:

  • Rich Customization: Up to 15 tabs can be added, each capable of containing styled text and optional images. This flexibility allows for tailored content presentation that aligns with your site’s theme and objectives.

  • Enhanced Media Integration: Customize image alignment, dimensions, and scaling with ease. Images can link to internal pages, downloadable files, or external URLs. Plus, an image ALT text field supports SEO efforts, ensuring your site remains visible and competitive.
  • Responsive and Stylish: Adapted for responsiveness, this widget ensures that your content looks great on any device, maintaining a professional and polished look across all viewing platforms.

Enhance Navigation with the CSS Dropdown Menu Widget

A website’s navigation system is the backbone of user experience. The CSS Dropdown Menu Widget offers a lightweight, CSS-based solution for creating a multi-level dropdown navigation menu. This widget is designed for those seeking to improve their site’s navigability with a touch of style.

Highlights of the CSS Dropdown Menu Widget:

  • Streamlined Performance: Built entirely with CSS, this widget is lightweight and fast-loading, ensuring a super fast browsing experience.
  • Versatile Dropdown Options: Accommodate complex site structures with up to three levels of dropdown menus. Each menu can be linked to any page on your site or an external URL, offering vast flexibility in functionality.
  • Adaptive to Mobile Devices: The navigation menu is mobile-friendly, adjusting automatically to smaller screens to provide a seamless user experience on smartphones and tablets.
  • Fully Customizable Design: Match your site’s aesthetic by customizing the navigation bar’s colors, sizing, and padding. This widget allows for a personalized look that complements your website’s design theme.

A New Take on Website Design with EverWeb Garden Widgets

These latest Widgets are designed to enhance your EverWeb experience, providing you with enhanced design capabilities and improved website functionality. They are both included in our Standard Widget Package which you can easily sign up to on our site and includes over 70 powerful EverWeb Widgets.