Scrollable Styled Text Widget

Scrollable Styled Text Widget

Add a scrollable styled text widget to your EverWeb web site. Your text box will be a fixed height while long text content will scroll.

Scroll me. I have a lot of Text!

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Service Price Form Estimator for EverWeb

Scrollable Styled Text Widget

The scrollable styled text widget for EverWeb allows you to enter as much text as you want and style it with different fonts, sizes, colors, lists, links and more.

If the length of the text content is too large for the size of the widget, the widget will be scrollable.

This allows you to enter as much text as you want, without requiring a long text object or scrolling of the entire page.

The widget works with EverWeb's Background Fill Settings and is completely responsive so can be used easily on mobile devices.

Additonal settings allows you to enter a border and inset margins for the text content.

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