Scroll To Page Top

Add an animated scroll to page top button to your EverWeb website. The animation will smoothly scroll to the top of the page it is placed on.

Scroll To Top

The scroll to top widget will only appear in the bottom right corner when you start scrolling the page. Then, based on your settings, it can animate to attract the attention of your visitors. When clicked, it will use a smooth scrollng technic to scroll back to the very top of this page.

The Scroll To Top widget is a great addiiton to any web site. Place it on your Master Page to make sure it always appears on every single page on your site.

Most modern websites will use the scroll to top feature to provide an easy way for your visitors to get back to the top of your page. It is especially important for mobile sites that have a lot of content that requires your visitors to scroll down.


Scroll To Top

Adjust the border radius and colors of the scroll to top button. You can also add an animation so that the button bounces in the bottom right corner of your page.

This widget is great to place on a master page. It will always appear in the bottom right corner of your page and when clicked, will take your visitor back to the top.

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