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Music Player Sampler for EverWeb

Add a list of items with a show more link to show an unlimited number of additional list items. Plus add optional labels next to each list item and link to any page on your site or external links.


Show More List Widget for EverWeb Inspector

Show More List for EverWeb

This powerful widget gives you the ability to add an expandable list of items to your EverWeb website.

You can set the widget to show only a specified number of list items with a clickable button to show more items when your visitor wants to see them.

Additionally you can add a label next to each list item. In our example above, we added POPULAR and NEW labels.

Using the new Import feature you can import a CSV file with list items using the gear icon in the inspector.

Completely Customizable to Your Web Site Design

Using the new Global Styles in EverWeb 4.0, the Show List Widget for EverWeb makes it really easy to match your list items and headers to your Website's design.

Select either a predefined EverWeb Font Style or set your own custom font styles.

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