Tab Content Widget For EverWeb

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Create a tab panel with up to 15 tabs and include custom styled text and images within each tab.

My Awesome Tab Panel

A quick description of my tab content can go here! I can use styled text as well.

My first tab can have some styled text content here with an image.

I can include as much content as as I like and align my image to the left, right, above or below my text content.

On my second tab I can have more unique content.

Enter styled text content for tab

Enter styled text content for tab


Tab Content Widget Inspector Top

Tab Content Widget for EverWeb

Adding tab panel with customized content has never been easier with the Tab Content Widget for EverWeb.

If you want to present styled text and images to your visitors without requiring scrolling, this responsive tab content widget is for you.

Add up to 15 tabs with customized styled text and optional images to each tab.

Plus include a header and a description for your tab content.

Customized Tab Content

Each tab panel can have customized content including styled text and images. You can adjust the image alignment, dimensions and scaling.

You can also link the image to any page on your website, a file such as a PDF or even an external URL.

Finally you can make sure your website is optimized properly for search engines with the image ALT text field.

Tab Content Widget Inspector Middle



Tab Content Widget Inspector Bottom

Match Your Tab Panel To Your Website Design

The colors, mouse hover, margins and width are all fully customizable to match your website design.

Plus you can even add a cool, modern mouse hover effect.

Finally select the default tab you want to start at when your website is first loaded in your visitor's browser.

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