UI Image Split

Create a responsive image and text split interface on your website. Works great on mobile and desktop screens with many customization options.

The new UI Image Split Flex widget provides an amazing new way to display content on your website.

It looks beautiful on desktop and mobile sites since it provides a fully responsive behaviour.

Additionally, you can completely customize the text here with;

  • Ordered and unordered lists
  • Style changes and links
  • Adjust how the image and text looks on mobile
  • Include as many split UI widgets as you like on your site

Add buttons to your widget.

The UI Image Split widget is fully customizable allowing you to adjust which side the image and text should be one.

You have full control over the image size and the size of each section.

You can even customize how the widget aligns vertically on small, mobile screens.

It integrates with EverWeb's fill settings so you can adjust the background color too.


UI Image Split Widget

With the UI Image Split Widget you can decide exactly how you want the image and text to appear. Decide which side you want the image on and which side you want the text content on.

Then you can customize the wrapping options, so how the content will appear on smaller, mobile screens.

You can alos customize the image dimensions and add your text content here.

Styles & Button Settings

You can add an unlimited number of buttons that link to any page on your site, an external URL, or a file such as PDF document to download.

You can completely customize the appearance of each button including fonts, mouse over effects and more.


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