Product & Service Form Estimator

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An easy to use product or service form estimator. Add unlimited options and provide a price estimate for your visitors.

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Service Price Form Estimator for EverWeb

Service Price Estimator Form

With the powerful service price estimator you can allow your web site visitors to get a price for the products or service you offer.

Add as many customization options as you like and allow your visitors to choose what they need.

Offer multiple selection lists, check box options, drop down menus and more.

Plus you can also add a quantity field so that your visitors can easily order multiple quantities of your product or service.

You have an unlimited number of options you can add with full control over the style and design of your form.

Appearance & Styling

You can completely customize the style, language and currency of the Product & Service Estimator form widget for EverWeb.

The background color can be customized from the Inspector->Shape Options just as you customize any shape or element on your EverWeb site.

Specify the currency as well so your customers can get local prices no matter where they are from.

Service & Price Esimator form for EverWeb


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